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The following CDs containing all your favourite Tiny Mites Music songs are available to purchase from our online store.

Tiny Mites Music Album - Come On Everybody Come On Everybody

  1. The Tiny Mite Club
  2. Dina’s Disco Beat
  3. Come on Everybody
  4. Zackery’s Zoo
  5. Kangaroo’s A’Jumpin’
  6. Driving My Car
  7. Under the Sea
  8. Marching Soldiers
  9. Peanut Squirrel
  10. Floating Bubbles
  11. Time to Stop the Music

Price: £11.25 including Postage & Packing




Tiny Mites Music Album - Tiny Mites at The Seaside Tiny Mites At The Seaside:

  1. The Tiny Mite Club
  2. We are the Tiny Mites
  3. The Tiny, Tiny Mites
  4. At the Seaside
  5. Going for a Swim
  6. Row Your Boat
  7. In the Summer Time
  8. Play on Your Drum
  9. I’ve got my Shaker
  10. Driving My Car
  11. Time to Stop the Music

Price: £11.25 including Postage & Packing

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We will confirm by e-mail the safe arrival of your order and the dispatch of your CD.

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We will soon be adding more items for you to buy in our online shop such as more CDs, the Tiny Mites soft toys and Tiny Mites T-shirts. So please call back again very soon.