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Pure Imagination Parties

Take your sword or your magic wand,
join us in Storyland and beyond

Our fun, musical, interactive Pure Imagination parties are presented by a professional actress/singer at your venue. Each party lasts 2 hours.

Based on Grimms Fairy Tales and the Disney concept, we provide party style musical plays for boys and girls aged 3-8 years old. The party starts with a 45 minutes party play with your character telling their story with puppets, props, magic tricks, original songs and voice over characters.

After the party tea, there will be games, face-painting, balloon modelling, and singing and dancing.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Fe Fi, Fo, Fum,
Happy Birthday from Everyone!

Come and help Jack climb the Beanstalk and rescue Gloria the Rainbow Goose in our exciting Birthday Party Adventure.

You will climb the beanstalk and escape from the Giant with the help of Jack, Daisy the Cow and Gloria. Join in the moves with our perfectly themed original songs.

Full of laughs, fun, action and adventure this Pop Up theatre show is perfect for a magically Happy Birthday!

Priced from £200

Jack and the Beanstalk
Snow White

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Happy Birthday from us all!

Join Snow White in this truly magical tale and help her escape the wicked queen Conceita! Have fun singing and doing the moves with the Dwarfs to our lovely original pop songs.

With plenty of action and games plus lovely costumes and puppets, children can step into Snow White’s world of Pure Imagination!

Will Snow White bite the poison apple and be under the spell of the wicked queen?

Find out with this captivating party and all its puppet characters.

Priced from £200


“You will go to the Birthday Ball!” says the Fairy Godmother
“And a fantastic time will be had by all”

Join Cinders and her best friend Scruffy the Dog for a wonderful “Pop Up” party adventure.

Full of fun, original songs, dancing and action with our beautiful costumed Cinderella you will have your very own Princess at your party!

Help Cinders with the chores at her wicked stepmothers house by joining in our interactive songs and she will take you to the ball and teach you the dance she did with Prince Charming!

We think this is a really magical choice for all princesses!

Priced from £200

Peter Pan

Peter Pan

With a Sprinkling of Fairy Dust,
This Birthday Party is a must

All aboard the pirate ship!

We will sing, dance and act our way through an awfully big adventure!

Help Peter rescue Wendy from Captain Hook, and meet the naughty crocodile.

Will Tinkerbell ever like Peter’s new friends and stop feeling jealous of them?

Boys love this exciting story full of bravery and pirates which includes games, fun, balloons and adventure!

Priced from £200