Music Is A Passion

Tiny Mites Music was founded in 2002 by Vanessa Heywood.  We soon became one of the leading providers of music, movement, drama and yoga classes for babies, toddlers and pre-school children. Our fun filled programmes are designed to encourage children’s natural curiosity and imagination.

Interactive, original and fun, our therapeutic music & movement sessions are 30 minutes long. Our products give a holistic experience for children, looking at the whole child – their physical, emotional and intellectual wellbeing in a fun and accepting environment.

Thousands of children enjoy our sessions and shows across the U.K in day care nurseries, schools, theatres and leisure parks.

Any activity that enhances social and emotional contact with other human beings in enormously brain building. The brain’s frontal lobes are responsible for our empathy, our social decoding, our problem-solving.  So it’s not just about the music itself, it’s not about social contact itself, it’s actual about building a brain that is well equipped for life

Jo Stockdale. Well Within Reach, formerly known as Child Learning & Development Advisory Centre.

Meet The Team

Vanessa Heywood

CEO / Owner

Vanessa began her career as a professional singer, actress and dancer on tour and in the West End.  Music is the family business – her father Chris Smith worked with many famous stars including Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey! A proud mother of 2, Tiny Mites grew from songs and stories she wrote and sang to her boys, and their friends!  With support from the Dancers Trust who funded her first recordings, paying for the professional musicians and studio fees, Tiny Mites Music was born.

In 2010, Vanessa won the Disabled Entrepreneur Award from Sir Stelios which enabled her to create Theatre Shows, Yoga Mites and to franchise the business.

Our Teachers

All our teachers are professional actor/singers. They have a wealth of experience working with young children, both in the theatre, schools and nurseries.  Full of energy, imaginative and creative with beautiful singing voices, our teachers bring their own magic to each session.

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