What Is Tiny Mites Music

Tiny Mites Music is an interactive music/drama/dance programme for pre-school children and babies.  Our professional actors/singers currently present classes in daycare nurseries and schools in Herts, Beds, Bucks, London and Essex.

We present a wealth of original music, professionally recorded by top session musicians in various styles including pop, salsa, reggae, rock and roll (adult music with children’s themes) to inspire your children and adults love it too!

The Tiny Mites are magical fairies who love singing and dancing and all have their own engaging personalities. We bring puppets, props and bubbles and soon have children of all ages joining in, clapping, tapping, dancing and having fun!

There are over 100 songs which can be connected to your curriculum themes and are also linked to Key Stage Learning and EYFS for pre-school children and babies.

What We Do

Tiny Mites Music provides programmes which are responsive to the development phases in childhood and where subjects are introduced at the appropriate physical, emotional and intellectual stages.

Benefits of Tiny Mites Music

The self-expression offered with the Tiny Mites Music Programme can support many aspects of emotional, cognitive and physical development:

  • Explore and express thoughts and feelings

  • Nurture social interaction and communication skills

  • Encourage creative and spontaneous play

  • Develop concentration and co-ordination

  • Increase awareness of themselves and others

  • Boost self-esteem and build resilience

  • Stimulate language and listening skills

  • Strengthen family and peer relationships

Everyone has the ability to respond to music. Music facilitates positive changes in emotional wellbeing.

The therapeutic value to health and wellbeing includes:

  • Experiential activities and music are powerful contributors to wellbeing.

  • Music and movement as an expressive therapy help to unlock a child’s potential

I love Magic Mike, he can fly!

Dillon, aged 3

I like Dina at the Disco

Verity. aged 4