What Is Yoga Mites?

An imaginative, informative and fun yoga experience for 2-6 year olds. With original music to enhance each Yoga Pose and Breath, the Yoga Mites, Pixie and Spike, take you on adventures around the Tree of Life.  Meet their friends in the natural world, bought to life with warm and charming character puppets, these fun sessions are a first introduction to Yoga & Mindfulness that will last a lifetime.

With our inspiring Yoga Classes, we help children to come out of their worried heads and into their bodies.  Children exercise and play and can connect more deeply with the inner self.

What We Do

Benefits of Yoga Mites

Pixie and Spike are fun, colourful characters who bring Yoga and Mindfulness to children from their magical Tree of Life.

  • Lessons that will last a lifetime

  • Aids physical, emotional & mental health

  • Improves balance, body and spatial awareness

  • Breathing to calm and oxygenate the body

  • Calming nerves and help controlling thoughts to relax the mind

  • Gives confidence in finding peace

  • Never give up. To fall out of a pose is human, jumping back in is being a Yoga Mite!